Mr Sashi Bhushan Maithani was honored with the title ‘Paras’ for his outstanding contribution in the feild of arts by the famous poet Mr

शशिभूषण मैठाणी
शशिभूषण मैठाणी

Aska Kala Badini 1997.He was honored in Punjab by Garhwal Mahasabha as ‘Gad Kiran’. In Prof Dangi’s book, Mr Maithni was declared one of the most talented people of garhwal.Ex Chief Minister Major BC Khanduri also, honored him with ‘Pratibha Samman’ at Gopeshwar.The series of being honored continues, Mr Maithani maintains the momentum of his contribution to society.One of his greatest achievement is when famous anthropologist Dr William S Sex interviewed him on the garhwali culture.Though Mr Maithani didnot have a strong command over the english language but still he was able to communicate well.This proved when his article was discussed at Oxford University England.With the positive thought of serving the society he kept on doing award function and other cultural program. Knowing about his responsibility he went back to Maithano , his home town , where he organised a fete focussing on the cultural aspects of the people of the state. He became the hero of the media.Meanwhile he worked with Aajtak ( A news channel) as a stringer. He has always been interested in exploring new places and unsolved mysteries. He ows a lot of thanks to india’s top news channel Aajtak for noticing his work which helped him to know and visit the remotest and untouched culture and beauty of garhwal. He has been regularly writing as a freelancer in Amar Ujala , Danik Jagran, Rastriya Sahara.Since then he has been writing for Yug Vani which is the leading magazine of Uttrakhand. There are things in the world which are immortal and eternal so are the thoughts of Mr Maithani to dig out the calibre and coronet it. Mr Maithni as a stringer in Aajtak news channnel is working for the upliftment of the uncovered creative section of India. With the idea of encouraging the oyuth of the country he started Youth Icon Media Magazine and Awards. The Magazine works as the mirror of the society.It helps people to know from where they have put a demacration for what is right and what is wrong.Every year a team of young girls and boys with te help of a survey chose personalities who have done an outstanding work in the domain of arts, science, culture etc. As the name itself suggests Youth Icon in the honor which motivates the youth to come forward and show their their calibre. As Swami Vivekanand said Arise, Awake and Stopnot till the desired goal is reached. Similarly Mr Sashibhushan Maithani’s has always been working motivating encouraging and taking out talented youth and honor them. We have seen Mr Maithani’s tremendrous effort which he has put in for illuminating the creativeness in the society. As a youth I am proud to be a part of this organisation and highly obliged to work with such a dextrous personality. I surely hope that the organisation will awake the society, arise their moral, and will stopnot till perfection is reached.

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