YI Award 2009

Youth Icon KPPD YI National Award Ceremony 2009

Youth Icon is basically a creative Magazine published in Hindi and English. Youth Icon Creative Magazine is a confluence of different field of interest. It contains all spices of day to day happenings. It not only reflects the ideology of the society but also gives a true picture of the desired filed. It contain all the subject like entertainment, fashion, Education, Culture, Science, Literature, Sports, Art etc. Earlier it was announced that the whole setup of the Magazine is going to take place under the banner of KPPD but now it has been decided the Magazine would work under the collaboration of KPPD and Youth Icon. Keeping this in mind KPPD YI Awards 2009 was organized on 31 Jan 2010. The aim behind the award ceremony was to honor the people Specialized in their respective field and showing outstanding contribution in their realm. The award ceremony is going to be conducted every year to honor and appreciate the work of people in fields of Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Sports, and Education etc.

The Award Ceremony would have two categories of awards. First category would be of people those who have contributed for the Society in their pas as the icons and the other who are contributing their level best as the youth icons of the country. In the same manner this year 36 people were honored for the excellent work and setting an example to the society whether you call it bravery, Intelligentsia, Sports achievement or social work. This national award ceremony embodied 36 gems to the crown of Indian subcontinent.

Media Award

Youth Icon KPPD YI Best Youth Icon Journalist Award 2009-

Mr. Rahul Kanwal.

Youth Icon KPPD YI Icon Journalist Award 2009 – Mr. Ashutosh.

Youth Icon KPPD YI Best Youth Icon Reporter Award 2009 – Mr. Kamal Khan

Youth Icon KPPD YI Best News Investigator Award 2009- Mr. Prabal Pratap Singh.

Youth Icon KPPD YI Best Programmer and Anchor Award-Mr. Shamsh Tahir Khan.

Youth Icon KPPD YI ‘Kalam Ke Sipahi’ for Uttarakhand Andolan 2009- Mr. Shamsher Singh Bisht.

Youth Icon KPPD YI ‘Kalam ke Sipahi’ for Uttarakhand Andolan 2009- Mr. P.S. Tiwari.

– By Suraj Maseta

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