Drumming has been used for centuries in nearly all cultures for ritual, healing and celebrations. This universal nature of percussive music provides opportunities for creative self expression. Drumming is a very powerful tool that can alter the consciousness of individuals or large groups.

Amogh Bhatt

Amog Bhatt


Robert Henry has rightly said, “Children are hopes. Feel the dignity of a child. Do not feel superior to him, for you are not.”
The saying fits apt to this young 7 years old lad, making everyone feel proud by his incredible talent of Drumming at such a young age. He is indeed a blessed child with an untainted and a virtuous soul which has enthralled everyone not only by his unmatched talent but also by his deeds of excellence. His parents Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatt and Mr. Dinesh Bhatt believe that talent is nurtured in solitude while character is formed in the stormy billows of the world. Amogh’s parents have always been enormously supportive for their only child Amogh which gives them tremendous joy.
Amogh befriended the drum sticks when he was four and today when he performs at any musical show, he leaves the audience spellbound. His mother, Sangeeta Bhatt, the Principal of Doon based B.Ed College says, “ When Amogh was just three, he would simply start tapping on the kitchen utensils left for drying up. Initially, we did not pay much heed but gradually we observed rhythmic spontaneity in his beats.” Amogh’s Dad, Dinesh Bhatt too feels proud on seeing Amogh’s magnificent performances. Book September Final_Page_16_Image_0003
Book September Final_Page_16_Image_0004Amogh Bhatt is no new name for the capital city Dehradun who has given more than a dozen performances. Last year, on November 26, Amogh gave the exam of Trinity School of London and was able to score 90% . The exam was held at Doon School, Dehradun.
Not only this, Amogh has given varied performances including solo performance, rock show, hindi as well as folk musical performance. Furthermore, he was also selected for India’s Got Talent and mesmerized the audience even in the Women Empowerment Rock Fest,He excels at double base pedal. There is not even a single music teacher at Dehradun who might not have shared his experiences with Amogh.


By.Shivanku Bhatt, Dehradun

By Editor