Love is the most beautiful presence we feel around… the most deepest belief we all have… and the most strongest desire we all wish to

Neha Sen
Neha Sen

fulfill… but beyond this, it’s the most intricate & complex picture which often leaves us in the predicament of variant questions for which we keep asking ourselves but of no avail and no answers in the end.

I May answer you today as I have answered myself.

We all are born out of love, so posses’ immense love inside and still keep looking for the same throughout life as if the thirst for love never ends.

Should I say that we are covetous? Or should I call us materialistic? No we are none of that; we just want to live happily, wish to have a beautiful life, want to create our own paradise, we are impatient creatures and can’t wait that long so wish to have our salvations here on earth only and love does all that. We all know.

We are showered with immense love till our little years of ages and we treasure all that love inside us and then, we wish to share that love in the outer world when we grow some more that makes us develop new relations around in this world and then it comes a moment when we again feel the need of the one to again fill the bucket of love inside us as at this time, we were about to finish with what we had. It’s a complex path of the simplest existence that is love.

We keep looking for that one and often misunderstand and make mistakes because of following some deeply settled norms and perceptions in love. When people say that love happens only once, I felt to ask them that didn’t they loved their mother, sister, your friends, your previous girlfriend and won’t you love your daughter, but I never asked, as I knew the answer. The only difference is, we love many but the one who would again fill that bucket of love so that we could again share the love around to make this life beautiful, is the only one.

At this stage of life, we all would have felt to have found that one more than twice and when we failed, we often say that love doesn’t exist in today’s world or at times we feel guilty of being involved in relationships more than once. But, love is never untrue, never tainted, it’s always the purest presence in between the two souls and each soul share this bond with many around but the filler of bucket is always the one. Yes, I love many of my friends but that doesn’t makes fall in many relationships, I am deeply attached to my best friend who is a guy but that doesn’t makes me call him the one, I deeply love my cousin sister but that doesn’t makes me become a lesbian. Those failed relationships were not untrue love, neither you did anything wrong, it was only your mistaken vision that made you fall.

You just need to learn to see clearly and explicitly.                                                                                      By:Neha Sen

“Life has emerged out of Love… will end finding Love”

By Editor