LuxmiLaxmi was just 16 years old when she became the victim of an acid attack in the year 2005 which took place at Delhi’s busy Khan Market. Since then it has become difficult for her family to make their both ends meet as whatever resources her family had, they spent all in her treatment and justice, resulting to 7 years and 10 years imprisonment of the two accused Rakhi and Guddu.
It was Guddu also called as Naeem Khan, who with the help of his brother Imran and Rakhi (Imran’s friend) planned this dreadful misdemeanor when Laxmi didn’t respond to his one sided liking. Laxmi even filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigaton) in the Supreme Court urging for regulation on sale of acid in 2006.
In her petition, she had sought framing of a new law or amendment to the existing criminal laws like IPC, Indian Evidence Act and CrPC for dealing with the offence, besides asking for compensation. Laxmi’s counselor Aparna Bhat invited court’s attention to the Haryana scheme for care and rehabilitation of acid attack victims under which the state government has taken upon itself the entire responsibility for treatment and rehabilitation of acid attack victims.
At Stop Acid Attacks, she even wants to work as a volunteer. Today, Laxmi has become a paradigm for many not only in our nation but worldwide.

Youth Icon Reporter Monika Kumari,Delhi.
Youth Icon Reporter Monika Kumari,Delhi.

BY. Monika Kumari, Youth Icon Reporter Delhi.

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