Shivani Dimri

If you are fond of making so many friends in social networking sites, then you must be aware of it. According to the recent research having large number of friends makes less probability of sharing information.

According to the professor of University of Varvik “If we are having a large number of friends in any social networking site, we depends upon others to share any information, while small circle of friends makes easy sharing. Main researcher “Kimberley Scarf “said that, “A large group of friends is less able to share information in comparison of small ones . Small groups are updated easily. This is really important to make our mind that sharing in any large group is not always good.

Probably, we shares information with a positive thinking which is difficult to find in that large group. This research letter named “ Private provision of public goods and information diffusion in social groups” was presented to “2012 international Dresden’s institute of Public finance congress” on 16th to 19th August.

By. Shivani Dimri

By Editor