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21 Feb. 2016

There are so many issues or concerns in our country that have a significant impact on our lives. People are also aware that these issues or concerns are growing gradually with time. Government is also making efforts to resolve them on their own level but the result is not as per the expectations of common man.

It can be inferred for the above that we can’t depend on the government to rectify these issues. As a responsible citizen, we have our responsibility to take some steps in this area.

The Youth can bring a substantial change in the society as well as in the country. The Youth is capable to shift your interest towards the welfare of the society. Realizing this, we have decided to put forth important issues and concerns to the common masses. By doing this, we would be successful in making people aware about certain topics and inspire them to thing constructively for the society.

# Monkartfamily believes T-Shirt is one of the powerful but simple mediums to disseminate information and facts. It is the medium which is very popular among various groups, so through this, we will be able to reach to maximum number of the people.

This is our thought and little effort for the society. Our humble effort is to give a positive direction to the society for developing the Nation.

It has been said well, if we have to do something right than you must begin it from your home first. That’s why we are initiating it from our home state Uttarakhand. We are highlighting some major concerns in the region.

In Uttarakhand, ‘Migration’ has become one of the major issues after its inception in a newly-born state. Now, the issue has taken a distressing course: the villages in the region are quiet; the remaining families have been heading towards small towns or cities for livelihood.

The issue of migration is not worth attentive, but we have to work together on ground levels to resolve it. It is not the issue, we are responsible for. Factually, we can also provide a solution for this.

The issue is also imposing a threat to our cultural roots, traditions and religious beliefs. Our effort is to emphasize on these core issues among the populace and migrants of the state across the globe. Our attempt is to spread awareness in the modern generation about the positive and negative aspects of their paternal state.

Our sincere affection and gratitude for Motherland is our inspiration. We request every person who wants to contribute and work for their home state, to come and support in this cause.

Support us and Make us Strong. Jai Bharat. Jai Uttrakhand.

The Youth Revolution Team : Dev Negi, Sandeep Sundriyal , Amit Rawat, Kuldeep Sundriyal, Nikhil Vedya and Mukesh Khugshal .

yi 1It is Shahsibhusan Maithani’s tireless efforts that for the past years Youth Icon National Award is acknowledging and rewarding the professionals who have had contributed in benefiting the society. Youth Icon is a creative amalgamation of these outstanding people doing extraordinary work in their respective fields across the world. The way Youth Icon perceives the society is a journey itself and Youth Revolution is one of its co-passengers. We could not have asked for any better platform than this to express ourselves but the best part about this platform is that we got a chance to be a part of a world where so many great souls were present.

NARENDER SINGH NEGI : (UTTARAKHANDI SINGER) Music has always been my profession and it is through music that I’m telling the stories of my Pahadh. I think there are lots of professions that can help us to reach out to masses and when I see these youth drawing out their emotions on t-shirts with the same zest as we singers do through our music, I’m pleasantly surprised.  I hope today’s youth through their new profession will continue to present the different shades of Uttarakhand, my best wishes to them!

Youth icon Yi Award Dehradun HARISH RAWAT : (CM OF UTTARAKHAND) I’m very pleased that the way we politicians always try to work for the welfare of our Pahadh but when I see the creativity of these kids, I realize that these ideas should also be included in the policy-making. Especially when I see YR’s t-shirts, I feel like they have done a great job in projecting the nuances of Pahadh and congratulations to them for beautifully amalgamating modern ethos of Pahadh with traditional ones.    

PADMBHOOSHAN  R.K JAIN :  (The intention behind any work is something that always matters and Youth Revolution has indeed a very good intention when they make an effort to understand the new perspective of Pahadh. It is commendable that they’re attempting to understand the society and culture of Pahadh and in doing so trying to awaken the consciousness of the masses and there cannot be a better medium than a T-shirt.

  • Youth icon Yi Report  , 05.03.2016 

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