Protesting parents force Ghaziabad school to release results; Commissioner seeks explanation from school

Protesting Parents Force Ghaziabad School
Protesting Parents Force Ghaziabad School 

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A Ghaziabad school was forced to release results of over 50 children following a hunger strike by members of All Parent Schools Association (ASPA), a parents’ body fighting for the rights of parents. The protest outside the Presidium school in Ghaziabad came after the school did not release results of the kids of protesting parents who refused to give annual charges and development fees.

All Parent Schools Association (ASPA) members has demanded scrapping of unjustified Annual Fees and Development charges in Ghaziabad Schools. “We have been opposing the school charging money against arbitrary heads since last year. We met officials in the district administration, Inspector of Education Department. We also met SmritiIrani, Minister for HRD last November but to no avail”, said Meetali, Member, ASPA.

Earlier this month we met we met Meerut Commissioner, Meerut Zone with these demands who wrote to the Inspector of schools and asked for an explanation from the school, added Meetali.

The School instead of providing justification of increased annual and development charges resorted to pressure tactics and withheld results of over 50 kids belonging to parents who were protesting. To protest the arbitrary action the parents sat on hunger strike outside Presidium School, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The City Magistrate BrahmdevYadav took cognizance and held talks both with parents and the school authorities. Finally the school was forced to release results and allow progression of children in usual course.

“We have withdrawn our protest for the time being. The issue of annual development fee is not resolved yet. The City Magistrate has given us an assurance and has given school authorities time till Wednesday to explain their position. If the issue is not resolved, we will resume our strike till arbitrary and illegal charges by schools are scrapped, said Shivani Jain, President, ASPA.

ASPA has decided to take action against errant schools who flout even the basic requirements like Fire NOC jeopardizing the lives of thousands of students.

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  1. ye school wale to gunda gardi per uter aaye hain inhe bare rajnetao ka saath hota hai isliye ye parents ko dhamkate hain aur ab to suna hai security money bhi kha rahe hain 3mahine ki fees ke bahane

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