The Nanda Devi National Park is situated within Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in Chamoli district of Garhwal. NDNP is


geomorphologically shaped like a bowl surrounded by high mountain ridges and peaks on all sides except its western side. NDNP is spread over an area of 624.6 Sq. Km. The National Park houses many rare and endangered flora and fauna characteristic of higher Himalayas. There are 16 gorgeous peaks above 6000 m. height and four of them are above 7000 m. height in and around NDNP. Goddess Nanda Devi, the reigning deity of Uttaranchal, lies in NDNP’s sanctum sanctorum and is held in great reverence throughout the State. Owing to its rich biodiversity, Nanda Devi was declared a Sanctuary in 1939. It was raised to the status of a National Park in 1982. Subsequently, in 1988 UNESCO declared NDNP as a World Heritage Site.

The opening up of Nanda Devi National Park, which has remained closed for all types of tourist activities since 1983, is for initiation of regulated trekking along a 9 km. Latakharak-Dharasi-Debrugeta trail and establishment of two camping sites at Dharasi and Dibrugeta of Uttaranchal Govt. letter no. 494/1(2)FRD/2003- 12(72)/2001, dated 05-04-2003 inside the park.

Visitor Information-

Nandadevi National Park!
Seasonality The Park will remain open from 1st May and close on 31st October every year for a period of 6 months.

How to reach There are two approaches to reach in Nanda Devi National Park via Lata viz; Rishikesh-Srinagar-Joshimath-Tapovan-Lata (Approx. distance 289 Km.)

Haldwani-Ranikhet-Karanpryag-Joshimath-Tapovan-Lata (Approx. distance 333 Km.)

Zonation The Latakharak-Dharasi-Dibrugeta trail lies in north eastern part of the tourism zone. This trek involves a high altitude 9 km. trekking route between 4000 m.-4380 m. The entrance and exit will be at Latakharak. Two new halting camp sites will be developed at Dharasi- 4 km. inside and Dibrugeta- 9 km. inside the Park.

Entry gates: The entry inside the park will be only through village Lata. The following route will be followed-

1) Lata to Belta – 5 Km.

2) Belta to Latakharak – 4 Km.

3) Latakharak to Dharasi – 4 Km.

4) Dharasi to Dibrugeta – 5 Km.

Two alternative circuitous trek routes have been proposed for tourists while returning from Dibrugeta and Dharasi-

[one_half]Route No. 1

Dibrugeta to Dharasi – 4 Km.

Dharasi to Jhandidhar – 3 Km.

Jhandidhar to Tolma – 5 Km.[/one_half]

[one_half]Route No. 2

Dibrugeta to Latakharak – 4 Km.

Latakharak to Sainikharak – 5 Km.

Sainikharak to Peng – 4 Km.

Peng to Reni – 4 Km.[/one_half_last]

[callout]Facilities and Accommodation : Forest Rest house with two suites is available at Joshimath. Electricity, Water and Kitchen facilities are available at these rest houses. Apart from Forest Rest House, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam’s Tourist Rest House and many private hotels and Lodges are available at Joshimath. Ordinary food is also available in the Hotels and Lodges. Home stay facility is also available at Tolma and Reni Villages. Small two room Forest hut is also available at Latakharak for night stay.[/callout]


[one_third]1) Addl. Principles Chief Conservator of Forest/
Chief Wildlife Warden, Wildlife, Uttaranchal,
5 Chandrabani, Po.- Mohabewala, Dehradun.
Phone- 0135-2644691[/one_third]

[one_third]2) Director/Conservator of Forest
Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve,
Gopeshwar District- Chamoli.
Phone- 01372- 2524973) [/one_third]
[/one_third_last]Deputy Conservator of Forest
Nanda Devi National Park,
Joshimath,District- Chamoli.
Phone- 01389-222179[/one_third_last]

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