* Mukesh Khugsha , l Delhi
* Mukesh Khugsha , l Delhi

Youth Revolution is a wing of Monkart family.

We are a bunch of Uttarakhandi youth and professional artists trying to present positive Uttarakhand to the world. Thought process behind our concept is to spread valuable, positive and informative thoughts through creative view to the youngsters.

To reach out youth we start with t-shirts our vision is to pass our profession of creative art to spread a positive and innovative environment and pass on the message of positive Uttarakhand.

We started the concept from our motherland Uttarakhand because we still have colorful Uttarakhand somewhere in our heart though we migrated in urban cities tshirtwbut we still feel Uttarakhand in our heart.  Our vision is to see our Uttarakhand in world map. People should know about the beauty and cultural heritage of our state.

We gave this concept name as youth revolution because as we know the word -youth is related to the youngsters and the name revolution has its own story.  As we all know India has youngest people in world and youth have that power to create a difference in any nation or economy.  We are trying to target the youth so that they will know about their origin their roots and should know what all we have in our Uttarakhand.

We already created films based on Uttarakhand and presented to International film festivals.  We did photo exhibitions shows in various part of India and abroad with colors of Uttarakhand.

We need support of all so that we can be unite and show the world the power of “PAHADI”.

To connect with us WhatsApp 9999399284

  • Yi Report By : Mukesh Khugshal  

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